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The Ice Bucket Challenge
Hi everyone.
The recent ice bucket challenge to make people aware of Motor Neuron Disease (ALS) has certainly gone global.
My dear friend Mandy has been subjected to this disease for over 17 years.
Can you imagine asking someone to do anything you want done? Switch on the Tv..Scratch your itchy nose,answer a phone , eat , drink etc?
And yet Mandy still has a smile on her face.This disease does not effect your brain at all. It is just a complete imobilization of all her physical needs.

Whilst it is brilliant to raise funds for research, there are people who prefer directing their contributions directly to  a personal cause.
Learn more about the person who has this disease. Write to her...Facebook her or even skype her.(She will appreciate this.)

Please consider donating to Mandy.
Jonathan Birin (

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